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baekhyun/chanyeol: make me out of clay // pg
exo; baekhyun
leakages wrote in puckered_lips
Title: make me out of clay
Pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol
Rating: pg
Summary: baekhyun isn't the light that blinds him with his beauty. however, he is the man that twists at his heart with his mere existence.

a/n: for sobsthefeels because i promised her other fics that i already know i have no hope in finishing orz


but i've got a plan
why don't you be the artist
and make me out of clay?
why don't you be the writer
and decide the words i say?
'cause i'd rather pretend
i'll still be there at the end
only it's too hard to ask
won't you try to help me?

-ellie goulding; the writer

Sometimes, Chanyeol thinks as he stares lazily up into the sky, I believe I'd never speak a word again if you'd just say to me what I've been wanting to say for the past five years. He glances over when he feels the figure beside him shift. Now turned on his side, Baekhyun's shoulder blocks the sun from Chanyeol's eyes. He's no longer squinting to see. He's no longer blinded by the light that he'd thought might as well have been radiating from Baekhyun himself. The stupid thing is he's not even disappointed to find a normal guy with skinny arms and legs and pretty hair lying on the grass beside him. Baekhyun isn't the light that blinds him with his beauty. However, he is the man that twists at his heart with his mere existence.

"Baekhyun," Chanyeol whispers, his voice low and beckoning. He inhales deeply when Baekhyun turns to face him, but all he gets from it is the sigh that leaves Baekhyun's lips, smelling of peppermint and lemons.

"What?" The elder mumbles, eyes still closed, cheek buried in the soft blades of grass. He yawns for emphasis and Chanyeol knows when to shut up. To be frank though, It's always time for Chanyeol to shut up. So he doesn't answer, because Baekhyun isn't looking for an answer anyway. Chanyeol takes another whiff and a smile stretches across his face at Baekhyun's scent. That's all he allows himself for now since Baekhyun isn't looking for him to do anything more. Baekhyun isn't looking for anything. Chanyeol just likes to pretend that it's because there's nothing that Baekhyun needs to look for that isn't already right in front of him.


Chanyeol thinks being Baekhyun's metaphorical puppet is enough. But he knows deep down inside that a timer has already gone off and with each passing second, Chanyeol is one step closer to disappearing. For now though, he tells himself as he opens his mouth and waits for Baekhyun to feed him. Baekhyun just laughs and tosses the popcorn into his own mouth. For now it's enough. It's enough to let Baekhyun shape Chanyeol into what he wants him to be. It's enough to be molded into Baekhyun's life however he needs because maybe that'll bring Chanyeol closer to Baekhyun's peppermint lips. It's enough for Chanyeol to say what Baekhyun wants to hear and nothing more. Or at least that's what Chanyeol tells himself every morning when he wakes knowing Baekhyun's head is at most a foot away from his own. The only thing he leaves out is that there is a wall separating them.

Maybe one day, there will be no more walls between them. Maybe, Chanyeol thinks as snatches up Baekhyun's lemonade and presses his lips to where Baekhyun's were just moments ago, one day Baekhyun would notice and want just as much as Chanyeol does. He pouts when Baekhyun flicks his forehead and takes the cup back. He prays that Baekhyun can see that it is not taking the lemonade away that upsets him but the only path he has to Baekhyun's sweet, sweet lips that does. The latter simply grins smugly and brings the glass to his lips. Chanyeol feels his breath catch when that precious mouth meets Chanyeol's on the cup.


Charades isn't Chanyeol's best game. His limbs are too long and lanky and he gets too excited by the pressure of time. Baekhyun though, Baekhyun is creative, quick-witted and he's the one that's good at the game. Jongdae and Kyungsoo are up. They're on one team while Baekhyun and Chanyeol are on the other. The pair is comedic together and Chanyeol finds himself laughing at the expression on Kyungsoo's face. It takes them a while but Kyungsoo eventually guesses the Hulk and Baekhyun and Chanyeol are up. Chanyeol weighs the pros and cons of not having to be the one acting out whatever it is Baekhyun has to act out. Chanyeol is bad at it so he's glad for it to be Baekhyun's turn. But the stupid springs on Chanyeol's side of the couch are broken and his butt is slanted into the cushion. He hates uncomfortable things.

Chanyeol guesses eyeliner immediately and Baekhyun tosses his head back in victorious laughter while Jongdae complains that it's unfair that Baekhyun got something that he's so familiar with. Chanyeol just sticks out his tongue. The teams switch again and Baekhyun is back on the couch beside Chanyeol. The broken springs are forgotten. Kyungsoo is, of course, doing something stupid which causes Chanyeol to burst out into loud laughter. He turns to smile at Baekhyun only to find he's turned away towards Jongdae. Of course he is, Chanyeol thinks, smile faltering as he turns back to face Kyungsoo. Chanyeol wishes that just one time, just one time, his best friend and him can share a special moment. He's starting to believe that perhaps things really aren’t meant to be since Baekhyun manages to miss every smile Chanyeol ever directs his way.

Kyungsoo makes eye contact with Chanyeol for a moment and flashes him a wink. The smile that was meant for Baekhyun goes to Kyungsoo instead.


What would Baekhyun want me to do? Chanyeol asks himself as he stares down at Kyungsoo's large and nervous eyes with his own wide ones. Chanyeol feels his own eyes begin to cast downward toward their feet. What would Baekhyun want me to do? Chanyeol watches as his feet move forward, inching closer to Kyungsoo's in incremental shuffles. What would Baekhyun do? He bites his lip and looks up from their feet and feels himself gasp at the closeness of Kyungsoo's face, despite being miles taller than the other. Something in Chanyeol breaks as he realizes what he's been hiding from since the start. Baekhyun would want him to lean in and take it all. Baekhyun would want him to love someone who loves him back. Baekhyun would want him to say yes. Baekhyun would congratulate him with a smile. A real smile. Baekhyun would be happy for him.

"Okay," Chanyeol breathes out, eyes darting nervously, mouth hanging slightly open with the remnants of his initial shock. He's surprised to find that his voice doesn't tremble with where his hands are shaking at the hem of his shirt. Kyungsoo takes that as an opportunity to reach up and take. All Chanyeol can think is that Kyungsoo tastes like everything but peppermint and lemonade.


For once in his life, Chanyeol is glad to find that he is wrong.


"Chanyeol," a sleepy voice mumbles from behind. The tall man feels his groan rumble through him and he sluggishly flips onto his back before turning onto his other side to face the origin of the voice.

"What?" He grumbles, not bothering to open his eyes. It is in that moment that he feels like this has happened some place, some time in the past before.

"Wake up, sleepy head." Hot peppermint flutters over the bridge of his nose and Chanyeol feels the grin spread on his features before he even realizes its happening. He opens one eye and finds Baekhyun blinking blearily at him, not even a foot but an inch away.


p.s.: i like happy endings.

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aren't they just the greatest haha

thank you for reading and commenting!

So relieved that it wasn't onesided /phew/ Those fics are always sad to read :c

Love the flow and the awkwardness that is Chanyeol haha~ Thanks for writing and sharing c:

me too ;~; i almost kept it one sided too but in my mind, baekhyun would've been very very sad :c

thank you for reading and commenting~

can i just say that i absolutely loved this part

' He's starting to believe that perhaps things really aren’t meant to be since Baekhyun manages to miss every smile Chanyeol ever directs his way.'

just because it directs to my favorite lyric in the song? 'i try out a smile and i aim it at you you must have missed it, you always do'

crying because baekyeol and ellie goulding feels ;~;

ughugh i love that line of the song too! it's in the perfect spot of the song it is just perfect sldkfj

cries with you

thank you for reading and commenting c8

omfg no
i'm crying
s0bs husbandu i love you so much
this is so so so so so oso perfect i can't even
my mum's yelling at me to go eat but NO I MUST SPEW MY FEELINGS OUT
perfect otp perfect baekyeol perfect joodee perfect omfg perfect
this is so
w0w i can't even
can you tell i'm spazzing
i'm crying
jdgh;daklfj;sljghladskjfhdslfkjashlfkjh this is not

'All Chanyeol can think is that Kyungsoo tastes like everything but peppermint and lemonade.' MOST PERFECT LINE IN THE WHOLE FIC I SWEAR TO MOTHERFCKING KRISUS
i can't
ok my dad is threatening to hack me up with a knife

; ~~~~~~~~ ; i'm very happy with this response lolol

i felt bad because i've been super busy lately and even when i went back to the other wips i had for you, i really just wasn't feeling them anymore and i knew i'd never finish them orz so i'm sorry for that.

but i'm glad you liked this <3

/dying from the baekyeol cuteness

/keeps you alive <3

thanks for reading and commenting!

/sobs the opening got me. I was like, OMGGGG WHY SO SAD BAEK JUST LOOK AT YEOL C'MONNNNN

and yay for the ending! 8DDD

Great job!

aww i'm glad it did! but happy ending so all is well, yesyes? haha

thank you so much!


sprawls all over you cries

i really liked this, especially this bit

"Okay," Chanyeol breathes out, eyes darting nervously, mouth hanging slightly open with the remnants of his initial shock. He's surprised to find that his voice doesn't tremble with where his hands are shaking at the hem of his shirt. Kyungsoo takes that as an opportunity to reach up and take. All Chanyeol can think is that Kyungsoo tastes like everything but peppermint and lemonade.

idk i like everything tbh especially the way it was paced and the fact that the story was short but impactful all the same ;;

the ending was really cute too i'm glad baekhyun has chanyeol feels and chanyeol has baekhyun feels and i have really strong baekyeol feels o god pls write forever i love you

ALSO A+ for the references to the lyrics those added such a pretty touch to the story!

/cuddles you and hand you tissues <3

; u ; aww that's sort of my favorite part too orz the whole chansoo section hehehehe

bah stawp idk how to respond to these wonderful comments omfg

and omg before the ending i was going to squeeze in a few lines of what happened when baekhyun found out chanyeol said yes to kyungsoo and i was going to have baekhyun be all pissed and jealous and punch him in the face like R U STOOPID and chanyeol would be like cries wat. but then i realized it was kind of funny and stupid and i didn't know how to write it in anyway without it looking dumb so i left it out and just let people imagine what happened when baekhyun found out orz IDK WHY I AM TELLING YOU THIS. I THINK I JUST WANTED TO TELL SOMEONE LOL

shakkdfh thank you so much for reading and leaving this lovely comment ; 3; <3

no omg pls tell me more tell me all of your thoughts i think i can sit here and listen to you all day ;;;;

i hope you realize what you've just done. you've just started a relationship with me where all we do is talk about our deepest thoughts and ~*~feelings~*~ (and other stupid things too though like chanyeol- wait is this friendship i smell) THERE IS NO MORE BACKING OUT NOPE

so initially when i thought of writing this i was imagining a much longer piece that would very slowly unfold over a long period of time. but then i got lazy. the end 8D

I'M GLAD I DID TBH ;u; ;u; our friendship will be beautiful and sparkly and all things that stand for universally dumb and perfect (i.e. baekyeol) i wouldn't dream of backing out nope not at all!

cries at you tbh but i do commiserate at the potential longfic dream turned to dust! i get lazy all the time which is why i'm pretty much unable to write anything above 2k unless i cry over it (i'm serious i actually started tearing up a little when i realised my runandgun assignment was nowhere near complete 2 days before the deadline.)

the end 8D

you should know that this friendship is going to consist of me wailing at you over baekyeol/any exo pairings and basically throwing prompts in your general direction? :)


anywho, i have various names and nicknames but you can call me jordan and at times my gender may or may not confuse you because i like to jump back and forth over the very blurry line of sexuality simply because it is FUN. genderbending is fun. o u o

fhskeor longest fic i wrote was somewhere over 13k and it was an accident. WHY DOESN'T IT EVER WORK WHEN WE WANT IT TO, RIGHT RIGHT? BUT YOU FINISHED SO THAT IS GOOD YES?


I DRAFTED OUT A LONG MESSAGE but lj refused to let me send you one sob >:(

hello jordan unni/oppa i'm tira ;u;

13k??? by accident?? how are you real sigh. my longest was 4k+ and that tired me out so bad omg the very idea of writing out so many words make me want to crawl into a shall and never come out. i did finish my r&g assignment though, albeit frequent bouts of wailing and wanting to delete the document but yes i did! :3

I CAN GIVE YOU ALL THE PROMPTS TBH i've always secretly wanted a ghost!kaisoo in which kyungsoo is a rookie ghost and his job is to haunt jongin but he fails terribly so he makes jongin buy donuts because he used to really like donuts. ;w;

where are you from though i'm jw?


hello tira o u o how do you know i'm older than you c; unless you are a+ creep which i'm also okay with since i am a creep myself.

well. it was sort of an accident? my waifu very casually mentioned a prompt and i was like OMFG YES and then it happened. and i didn't think it'd end up that long but it did o___o it was genderbender fic too 8| over half of exo consisted of girls lolol. you can find it somewhere in my masterlist if you want to take a look c: sometimes things happen when you least expect them too. so maybe one day you'll write a 25k fic by accident LOL

OMG YAY PROMPTS and omfg lololol ghost!kaisoo omfg i am cry kyungsoo you moron. that sounds so adorable but because of painful writer's block i might not actually be able to carry out with it so i apologize beforehand.

i am from the us of the a c: in the state filled to the brim with assholes of all sorts 8D new york new york~ ♫

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