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fic game: au summer [part two]
vixx; taekwoon
leakages wrote in puckered_lips

if you would like to see what this whole thing is all about take a look over here.

part one of the prompts here.


for: sosukes | nerveless
prompt: baekhyun has a farm and his neighbor jongin's goats won't stop invading his pasture.

Baekhyun is out in his field early on a Saturday for his daily morning walk when he spots a small herd of goats munching on his grass. Those definitely are not his.

"What in the name of..." He squints at the small group of goats which are about a hundred yards away before he starts running at them in hopes of scaring them away from his field and back onto the edge of his neighbor's land. "GET OFF OF MY DAMN LAND YOU DAMN GOATS!" He screams, waving his arms wildly as he runs toward them. The goats make a few noises of surprise before inching back toward the border between his land and his neighbor's land. He makes sure to remember to call his neighbor or pay him a visit later that day.


Baekhyun rings the doorbell of the small, white house. He stands there kicking at the porch for a while before the front door swings open, revealing a tall, thin man with messy hair. The guy eyes him warily for a second.

"Can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm your next door neighbor," Baekhyun says as politely as he can with his bright smile. He gestures toward the small dot of a farm all the way down the road. The man blinks. Baekhyun clears his throat awkwardly and shifts his weight to his other leg. "Um, your goats... have been coming into my land and feeding off of it... if you could just... keep them on your own property, please?" And it's extremely hard not to sound like an asshole but Baekhyun's gotta do what he's gotta do because his pasture is his pasture and he ain't letting no neighbor's goats eat all of the pretty, little grass off of it. The man blinks again before frowning.

"Sorry about that, I didn't realize my goats got that far. I'll take care of it," he says, and Baekhyun is surprised to find that the man sounds genuinely apologetic despite his blank and unamused face from earlier. Baekhyun smiles a little brighter this time.

"Thanks so much, I really appreciate it." The man nods silently. "I'm Baekhyun by the-" The door slams in his face. "Okay."


"You've got to be kidding me," Baekhyun mutters, arms crossed as he stands in front of the same group of goats (he recognizes them because there's one that is just obese as hell and it's the one that's leading them around chewing all the grass, damn it) on his own field.

Baekhyun stalks up the porch steps to the door again and rings the door bell over and over again until the door finally swings open and tall, skinny guy is there again with his same blank face.

"It's you again."

"It's your goats again."

"Oh." But he's smiling, the damn fool is smiling at Baekhyun and he- oh. Baekhyun stares into those lazy, playful eyes and takes in the plump lips that are grinning down at him. A small blush creeps its way to the surface of Baekhyun's cheeks as he realizes that this man, his neighbor, is actually quite beautiful with his tan skin and toned muscles and playful smile. Plus the way he's just leaning on the door frame looking at Baekhyun, just looking at him like he's a work of art has Baekhyun biting his lip. He takes a deep breath.

"I'm Baekhyun." The man laughs.

"I know."

for: willowish | trinketries
prompt: kai/sehun; they work at an amusement park.

The girl blushes as she hands the bills over to Sehun who takes them with a sweet smile and hands the cotton candy over in return. The girl bounces away while looking over shoulder. She adds in a wave last minute before turning and running back to her friends who are huddled together in their bikinis and flip flops. Sehun doesn't miss a beat, waving back at the group of teenage girls. Jongin snorts.

"Sehun, really?" Sehun laughs at that, eyes curving into their ever adorable crescents. He bumps Jongin with his hip playfully and lifts an eyebrow as he slides the cash register shut.

"Are you jealous?" Sehun coos, and Jongin can't help but laugh too, hand going out to grasp Sehun's hand and hide them behind their backs. Sehun's lisp is still slightly present despite all the speech therapy he's gone through. It's still adorable as ever though and if the customers aren't falling for it, then Jongin most definitely is.

A roar of screams from the roller coaster near their stand has them leaping apart. As Sehun attends to the line of customers, Jongin rushes around making hot dogs and pulling out burning, hot pretzels.

"No," Jongin whispers as he walks past the younger male. Sehun snorts at that, handing the customer a few napkins to go with the pretzel.

"Thank you, have a nice day," Sehun nods his head towards the customer who smiles and leaves. "Sure you aren't, hyung." Jongin ignores that statement and pouts to himself while he pokes at a few sizzling hot dogs.

The line of customers is growing rapidly now, and Sehun wonders if it's around lunch time or something because there are at least twenty girls lined up asking for churros or hot dogs and Sehun efficiently handles everything. He grins at one of the customers who makes a joke about the rides and Jongin scowls from where he stands with his back turned to the customers. Okay. If that's how Sehun wants to play. Jongin turns, casually, and makes his way over to the other cash register, leaning into the counter.

"Hey girls, you can make a new line over here," he says as he waves his hand in the air. The long line splits into two and Sehun looks over at Jongin with a curious glance. Jongin hates working at the register and Sehun hates working with the food which is why they'd decided to take separate roles. Now they have to do both.

"What are you doing?" Sehun hisses when they're standing next to each other adding ketchup and mustard to the hotdogs. Jongin shrugs.

"Making the lines move faster," he says simply, sauntering back over to the cash register.

It becomes something like a silent competition to see who can get the longest line. It's hard to tell who's winning because they're both two completely different people with different auras about them so they both attract two completely different crowds. They continue like this until an adorable boy around their age shows up in front of Sehun and dares to slide his number across the counter top. Sehun can't help but blush, picking up the slip of paper while gnawing at his thin lower lip. The boy grabs his hot dog and waves at Sehun before disappearing back into the amusement park excitement. Lu Han is written neatly in pen above the number. Sehun stares at the number but before he can store it away in his brain, it's snatched out of his fingers by a tan flash of skin and Jongin is crumpling it up and shoving it into his own pocket.


"Have you forgotten that you're dating someone?" Jongin raises a challenging eyebrow and Sehun laughs.

"That doesn't mean I can't make friends." The younger of the two sticks out his tongue.



They're sliding the metal gate down and locking it up when Jongin stops and leans against the food stand, staring at Sehun until the latter looks up from where he's locking the other side.

"What?" Sehun asks. Jongin stares at him hard for a long moment before letting out a dramatic sigh.

"That kid was cute though."

for: yeollove | grapefruitade
prompt: in which lu han starts reading a magical comic book and gets sucked into its world.


When Lu Han is sixteen, something happens to him that he will never ever forget. He'd never told anyone because he could hardly believe it himself for the next few years of his life but now he knows that what happened was real. Now he knows. It happened on a mid summer's night...

six years ago...

"Lu Han! We're going out now," Lu Han's mother hollers from the bottom of the staircase and Lu Han calls back his affirmative, eyes never once leaving his computer. The thunderstorm outside is so loud that when the front door of the house opens, the sound actually reaches his ears upstairs and then muffles once again when the door slams shut. Lu Han spends the next two hours munching on pepperoni pizza flavored hot pockets and playing Counter-Strike. His eyes are glued intensely to the screen and he manages a head shot right when a loud crack of thunder sounds, effectively cutting off all the electricity. Lu Han blinks in the middle of darkness and watches as his computer screen fades to black as well.

"God damn it!"

Lu Han digs out a flashlight from the bottom of his closet and counts himself lucky when the battery still works. Lu Han isn't scared of the dark or anything but without his computer, he's left with relatively nothing to do. So he does some exploring. He might live in this house but he's never really left his computer long enough to explore the library of comic books his father has a separate room for. His parents don't really talk about why it's there and Lu Han sometimes gets the vibe that they don't really want him in there anyway. So what better opportunity to check out the room than now when his parents are out and the electricity is cut?

Lu Han shines his flashlight over an old bookshelf all the way in the corner of the room where all the Spiderman comics are. He pulls out a random one and whips the dust off of it before heading back to his room. He'd stuck a toothpick in the space where he pulled it out so he could mark where to put it back, just in case. The comic must be old because when Lu Han opens it, it literally cracks open. He hums and then flips it back closed so he can admire the cover. He frowns when he spies an old scratch n' sniff sticker stuck on the front, covering Spiderman's foot. Lu Han knows there's no way there could be any scent left but something compels him to scratch it. He leans down and sniffs it and suddenly, his senses are filled with the vivid fragrance of strawberry and vanilla ice cream and his eyes close.

When Lu Han opens his eyes, he is not in his room. He screams. But before he can figure out what's happening, there are three guys tugging on the leather jacket and white v-neck that he didn't even realize he was wearing. He screams again, this time because there are three creepy ass dudes trying to grope his ass. And just like that, they're gone one by one and Lu Han's mind is reeling because it's dark and he's in an alleyway and he can't see what's going on but he thinks he sees flashes of red and blue and then the telltale signs of someone getting the shit beat out of him.

It's silent now. Lu Han swallows and feels a breeze behind him and he whirls around only to squeak because Spiderman- freaking Spiderman- is hanging upside down in front of him with his head tilted to the side like he's inspecting Lu Han.

"I... uh..." Lu Han swallows again and smiles nervously. "Thank you." Spiderman nods slowly but doesn't leave. Lu Han thinks the other is waiting. So he does what he remembers seeing in the first Spiderman movie and pulls down the mask up to the man's nose, leans forward, and kisses him in thanks. It's a lot less awkward than it should feel and Lu Han feels tingly when he pulls away. He steps back, about to fix the mask when he slips on a banana peel and yanks Spiderman down with him, pulling the mask off in the process. They both yelp and Spiderman is sprawled on top of him. When Lu Han opens his eyes, his breath leaves him in a rush because Spiderman's mask is off and he's just a kid. Or well, so is Lu Han so he's assuming they're the same age. The only difference is Spiderman is tall and lean with muscles whereas Lu Han is scrawny and thin.

"Uh..." Spiderman's tongue darts out to link his thin lips nervously and then he blinks a couple of times. He makes to move away but Lu Han stops him with a hand to his jaw. Then he does something he doesn't quite understand himself and pulls the teenager down to cover his mouth with his own. Spiderman doesn't seem to mind very much. When they pull away, Lu Han likes the way the other's eyes are droopy and glazed over like he's sleepy.

"I'm Lu Han." Spiderman smiles sheepishly.

"The supposed heroine of this comic, I presume?" Lu Han blushes.

"Except I'm not a girl." Spiderman shrugs.

"It's okay. I wouldn't have kissed you if you were a girl. I'm Sehun." Lu Han grins, about to reach up to kiss him again when suddenly, the strong smell of strawberry and vanilla storms his senses and his eyes close on their own.

When Lu Han opens his eyes, he's lying on his bed in the same position he'd just been in with Sehun on top of him. His heart is trying to beat straight out of his chest and he suddenly scrambles out of his bed. The comic book is open to the page that Lu Han had been acting out and he screams when he sees Sehun and himself on the page. He flips the book closed and opens it again but he's still there. Frantic, he flips back to the cover, scratches the sticker and sniffs it again, but he gets nothing but the smell of dust particles and old paper. Sighing, Lu Han takes the comic and puts it back where he'd gotten it and as he slides the book back into the shelf, the electricity comes back on.

present day... like... literally right now...

Lu Han is standing in front of the counter at the Starbucks near his apartment with a look of shock on his face that he sees mirrored on the face of the man behind the counter. Lu Han could never forget that face. He could never forget those droopy eyes and thin lips and pink tongue.

"S-Sehun!" Lu Han blurts out just as Sehun says Lu Han's name. Oh yes. It was real alright.

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yes, very good. kai's goats r gud job.

really though, kai, there's easier ways of getting your hot neighbor's attention.

this was great and I'm glad you wrote this because it's a very dumb prompt and I wasn't sure what I was thinking giving it to you. but now you've gone and turned it into an adorable drabble and I am very happy. flirting via farm animals is the new way to pick up dudes it seems. thanks again, bb. /kisseu

they are indeed! we need more matchmaking goats in our lives tbh

LOL it was not a dumb prompt at all! even though i was sure i'd totally bomb it but i guess i didn't completely? 8D thank you for the prompt~ /KISEUKISEU

thank you, that was fabulous~

and i like lu han's guest appearance at the end there, lol

thank you for writing for me again! :)

ughh noo thank you for the prompt <3

i'm glad you liked it though ; 3;

The sounds I just made while reading because SeHan and Spider-Man and kisses and feelings~ Ah, you did such a fantastic job with my prompt, and I'm happy you had a lot of fun with it!
Thank you very much for filling :D

Edited at 2012-07-18 04:31 pm (UTC)

; ~~~ ; thanks bb <3 thank you for the prompt yes yes i really liked it haha


lmao at kai and his obese goat hahah
i liked the last one most~

dat goat.

thank you! i really enjoyed writing the last one so i'm glad you liked it :D


"S-Sehun!" Lu Han blurts out just as Sehun says Lu Han's name. Oh yes. It was real alright.


they are adorbs aren't they?

thanks for reading and commenting!

and baekhyun is all GET OFF MY LAWN YOUR DARN GOATS OFF MY LAWN YOU GORGEOUS TANNED GOD, well, at least that's how i see it
darned goats.
i like the last one the most. i think it would be amazing chaptered. just saying.
so like. spiderman sehun. i can see why he's so pale now. the suit covers his whole body afterall.
second oneeeeeeeeeeeee. hm hm hm hm. lu han is cute.
it is not refutable.
they should have a threesome. just saying.

lololol basically. baekhyun has zero tolerance for fat goats tbh

i too really like the spiderman one. unfortunately i'm not very good with writing long fic so it's a rare chance that will ever actually happen :c

threesomes are always welcome here.

thanks for reading and commenting bb

dies at the matchmaking goats tbh

dies with you because matchmaking goats should be the new thing rly

thanks for reading and commenting bb <3

i agree. omfg. welcomes them with open arms.
thanks for writing this!! i love it ;w;

yes then we can all thank me later ;D or my friend for giving me the prompt which led to this whole thing haha

hush you <3 i am grateful for readers like you ; 3;

bless the both of you!!
i'd like to spam you with love messages everyday ;o;

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