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fic game: au summer [part one]
vixx; taekwoon
leakages wrote in puckered_lips

if you would like to see what this whole thing is all about take a look over here.


for: willowish | trinketries
prompt: woohyun/sunggyu | they’re both actors on a tv show.

The director’s voice cracks as he yells cut and everyone winces at how strung out he sounds. Woohyun and Sunggyu are still sitting on the couch staring at each other angrily, tension thick in the air. Cameramen and staff members are fluttering about the set fixing props or touching up someone’s make up and hair. No one dares to disturb the two actors on the couch because there are literally electrical sparks flying in between them and let me assure you, they aren’t exactly the “good” kind.

Someone standing behind the couch clears his throat and Sunggyu barely budges, just squints his eyes until they nearly disappear.

“Um. Director Kim wants to speak to you…” It’s a staff member and his voice is surprisingly stable, given the fact that his hands are shaking at his sides. Sunggyu, always the responsible one despite the current situation, tears his eyes away from Woohyun and glares at the worker. The man flinches.

“What is it?” Sunggyu snaps, irritable.

Woohyun and Sunggyu are both currently the very top two actors of the entire nation. They are practically revered. The director was lucky (or was he) in getting the two actors to participate in the new and hot drama The Dog That Embraces The Cat. The director and producers had gotten Sunggyu for the male lead but couldn’t find a good female lead so they had asked Woohyun to dress up as a girl and play her instead. By some miracle he said yes. However, the two don’t seem to get along very well because during at least one recording for each episode, they have a ridiculous showdown and explode on each other while still on set. It’s extremely awkward for everyone else and also has a bad influence on all of the filming itself.

“I know you guys aren’t the best of friends,” the director sighs when Sunggyu and Woohyun walk into his little makeshift office, “but can you please put a little more effort into not fighting?” He sits there and stares at them. “You have half an hour to go and sort yourselves out, go,” the director shoos them out.

Woohyun grins the moment they leave the set.

“Took them long enough this time,” Sunggyu mumbles, taking Woohyun’s hand in his as they walk through the parking garage towards Woohyun’s red convertible.

for: friendleader | sunqyeol
prompt: howon’s never ending search for a roommate!

[ Sunggyu ]

“I’ll need a whole kitchen cabinet worth of space for my vitamins because I have a lot of those and they are a necessity, okay?” Howon nods and writes this down on his clipboard. “I’ll also need my own closet space because I need a separate place to put all of my animal print clothes. Those need to stay clean and perfect at all times.” Howon purses his lips and puts that down as well. He figures he’s not the only one that has requests. “I hate dogs. You don’t have a dog right?” Howon shakes his head. “Good. I don’t like cats either.”

“Okay, I think we’re done here,” Howon gets up and points to the door.

[ Woohyun ]

“Hi, I’m Howon,” Howon smiles at the handsome man in front of him who flashes him a smile in return.

“I’m Woohyun.”

“Yes. So… tell me about your living habits.”

“Well, I can cook so if you need someone to make your meals, I could do that.” Howon nods his head in approval and writes that down. “I don’t need much closet space because I have my own dresser.” Howon smiles at that. Woohyun pauses. “Oh… I have a cat. That… won’t be a problem right?” Howon beams and thanks the heavens for showing this man one of Howon’s flyers.

“No, I have a cat too. Uh, do you plan on bringing any friends or whatever over?” Howon asks.

“Well… I mean, I like to bring girls over at night but between you and me-“

“Okay, I think we’re done here,” Howon says with a forced smile. He watches Woohyun leave forlornly.

[ Sungyeol ]

So far, this Sungyeol guy seems decent. Even better than that Woohyun guy, despite the fact that he can’t cook. Howon can cook so he can still take care of that like he has been all along. He looks down at his list of questions and picks a starred one.

“Do you have any pets?”

“I have three dogs…”

“Okay, I think we’re done here.”

[ Myungsoo ]

“I hate purple”

“Get out.”

[ Sungjong ]

“I have um, I have a slight problem?” The petite boy bites his lip and Howon looks up from his clipboard, eyebrows raised in question.


“I have a habit of sleepwalking…?” Howon shrugs.

“That’s fine.”

“No… you see, I don’t just sleepwalk… I dance to girl group dances in my sleep.” Howon sighs and rubs at his temples.

“Okay, I think we’re done here.”

[ Dongwoo ]

“So what do you do for a living?” Howon asks flatly, not really paying much attention.

“I’m a dancer.” Howon doesn’t let himself get too excited. He eyes the man suspiciously.

“Do you dance to girl group dances either consciously or unconsciously?” The man, Dongwoo, laughs and shakes his head.

“Do you like purple?”


“Do you like cats?”

“Love them.”

“Can you cook?”


“Do you have a lot of… vitamins?”


“Fabulous, welcome, new roommate.”

for: sosukes | nerveless
prompt: lu han and xiumin pack up for a summer road trip. where do they go?

”Xiumin did you pack your underwear?” Lu Han asks as he folds his own boxers into a large duffel bag. The other smacks his forehead.

“That’s what I was forgetting!” Lu Han snorts at that, digging through the pile of socks on their bed.

“Good thing I reminded you because I wouldn’t have shared my underwear with you,” Lu Han says picking out his favorite idol socks. He takes a big whiff of his Yunho socks before folding them together and putting them into his duffel bag as well. Xiumin shakes his head from where he’s watching Lu Han and juggling five different snack bags towards his own luggage. Lu Han glances over and frowns. “What are you doing?” He snaps. Xiumin drops everything.

“I almost got them into the bag too!” Xiumin throws his hands up into the air in frustration and then bends over to pick them all back up.

“Xiumin we’re not bringing our entire pantry. We don’t need those snacks,” Lu Han sighs while filling a small travel sized bottle with conditioner. His hair needs to be silky smooth at all times.

“Says you! I have midnight cravings okay,” Xiumin pouts, caught between obeying his boyfriend and his snack addiction.

“There will be food where we’re going.” The two of them stare at each other with their best pouty faces before Xiumin eventually gives up. He has nothing on those large doe eyes, there’s no denying it.

“Where are we even going?” Lu Han stops midway through zipping his bag and looks up.

“Uh… Good question.”

“Lu Han!”


“Lu Han… you said there’d be food where we’re going,” Xiumin mumbles grumpily, huddled against the other. They’re sitting around a campfire that took Lu Han two hours to make in a small opening of clear land in the middle of a forest. Lu Han’s teeth chatter as he exhales. The temperature somehow dropped twenty degrees once the sun went down.

“There is! Or was. I don’t know! This was all before you got us lost,” Lu Han retorts, burying his face in between his knees as he kicks half-heartedly at Xiumin’s foot.

“What was I supposed to do! The GPS said we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so I just went with my instincts and picked left!” Xiumin cries just as his stomach growls angrily as a reminder.

“Then why are you being all pissy about there being food where we’re going if we’re not even there,” Lu Han says exasperatedly, voice a couple pitches higher than normal.

“I’m sorry, I’m hungry okay? You were the one that told me not to bring the snacks. If I had snacks, I wouldn’t be so pissy right now, okay?”

A sudden round of car honks bursts out from somewhere ahead of the two men.

“Did you hear that?” Lu Han whispers, scrambling to his feet and yanking Xiumin up with him. The latter nods furiously, squinting into the trees.

After tying an extremely long rope around both their waists, Lu Han decides to venture into the forest of trees while Xiumin stays by their car. Lu Han walks for about two minutes before he suddenly reaches the end of the forest and stumbles into an extremely large parking lot.

“GREAT WOLF LODGE!” Lu Han squeals, surging forward into a sprint toward the giant bear statue at the front entrance.


“What the shit-” Xiumin chokes on his words when the rope around him yanks him backwards. “Lu Han!” He screeches as he stumbles over a tree root in an attempt to run with the rope.

for: noonanoodle
prompt: hoya and tao wake up in an alternate version of seoul filled with monsters and the only way out is to fight.

Tao and Hoya jolt awake to the sound of a really loud crack and they both idly wonder in their still drowsy minds if there’s a thunderstorm outside. Tao rubs his eyes and groans at the sore ache in his back. He must have rolled off the bed and onto the floor while sleeping-

“Who are you?” Hoya asks warily, fully awake now that he sees someone else is in the room with him. It isn’t even his bedroom. Tao gasps, and looks around them. The room is empty. The room is also Tao’s wu shu training room. Sort of.

“I don’t think… that is the right question to be asking right now,” Tao whispers. Something is wrong. He can feel it. Plus, the mirror shouldn’t be on that wall. It should be on the other side. He leaps to his feet and tiptoes to a nearby window, gesturing for the stranger to stay low.

Outside, a variety of creatures ranging from the size of a tree to the size of a shoe crawl, run, and fly about. Seoul is a land of charred ruins and ashes. Tao holds his breath and turns away from the window, leaning against the concrete wall for both physical and mental support. He takes a moment to simply breathe and calm his mind. He’s trained in martial arts. If there’s one thing he’s learned it’s to keep an empty and open mind, free of worry and other useless thoughts. He needs to focus.

“What’s going on outside?” Hoya asks softly, crawling over. Tao clamps a palm over the other’s mouth before the scream can escape. Hoya bites hard into Tao’s hand, though more for reassurance than retaliation. Tao’s hiss and the small pang of iron on Hoya’s tongue tells him that this is indeed real and this is actually happening. Tao yanks his hand away and sends him a glare.

“We need to get out of here,” Tao says, rushing over to the large closet full of training supplies. Hoya doesn’t move from where he is on the floor, eyes filled with terror but unable to look away from the monsters outside.

“G-get out? We’ll die!” Hoya exclaims, finally daring to stand to his feet. He makes his way over to the open closet in front of Tao. There is a line of weapons that are made for practice purposes only. “What the hell are we supposed to do with these? The swords barely cut our skin, how do you expect them to-“

Ignoring the other’s words, Tao shoves aside the practice swords and staffs and kicks down a small door hidden at the back of the closet.

“That’s why there are these,” Tao says, and Hoya wonders how the other even has the heart to be smug in a situation like this. He watches as the taller man reaches in and pulls out everything. “We will die if stay here. I don’t think we’re welcome here anyway. This is their world, not ours,” Tao mumbles, unsheathing a long sword. It glimmers under the fluorescent lights. Hoya stares with awe.

“Jesus Christ, we’re really doing this aren’t we?” Hoya breathes, picks up a spear like weapon. Tao looks over at him and the gaze in his eyes is unreadable but Hoya swears he sees a shimmer of tears before they’re blinked away. Yeah. They’re really doing this.

“We have a little time. I’ll train you a little in basic moves if you need-“

“I’m trained in taekwondo.” There’s a pause and then Tao laughs lightly.

“Good. But I still need to teach you how to use this,” Tao glances at the spear in Hoya’s hand. The latter nods.

Hoya is a fast learner, much to Tao’s relief and he’s starting to believe there’s a small sliver of chance they can get out of here alive somehow. It’s nearing nightfall when Tao stands in front of the door and grips his spear until his knuckles turn white. Hoya stands a little behind him and awkwardly places his hand on Tao’s shoulder. Without looking back at him, Tao speaks.

“I’m Tao.” Hoya lets up a small smile, the only one he’s shown the whole time. He squeezes Tao’s shoulder and hopes he is getting his meaning across correctly.

“I’m Hoya.”

for: yeollove | grapefruitade
prompt: kyungsoo/chanyeol | kyungsoo is a magician and chanyeol is easily impressed.

Kyungsoo shuffles the deck of cards in his hands and then fans them out, face down. He waves his hands over them and then looks up at Chanyeol who looks excited, eyes big and grin wide.

“Pick a card, any card.”

“Any one? I can pick any one? Are you going to guess which card I pick? Can you get it right?” Chanyeol rambles on, reaching for one card and then pulling back just in time to go for another, repeating the process several times, eyebrows furrowed deep in concentration while Kyungsoo chuckles. There’s an amused quirk to Kyungsoo’s lips as he waits patiently for Chanyeol to pick a card. After thirty seconds of fierce contemplation, Chanyeol picks a card somewhere toward the middle and Kyungsoo smiles, not the least bit annoyed by the amount of time it took for the other to choose a card.

“Look at the card, remember it, but don’t tell me what it is,” Kyungsoo instructs, watches as Chanyeol stares intensely at the card. “Good, now put it back in the deck.” Chanyeol looks up in horror.

“But what if I forget it! Maybe I should write it down…” The tall man looks around for something to write with. Kyungsoo laughs at that.

“I’m sure you can remember it just fine. Put it in the deck.” Chanyeol obeys. The magician shuffles the cards thoroughly for a while before pulling out a random card and placing it face up on the table. Chanyeol nearly jumps to his feet when he sees it.


“Is this your card?” Kyungsoo asks like a typical magician.

“OH MY GOD YES! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. DO ANOTHER TRICK!” Chanyeol cries, scooting closer to the table.

Kyungsoo’s whole mysterious magician facade falls and he bursts out laughing.

“Chanyeol, I’ve done this trick on you like ten million times. You even know how it works. Why are you always asking me to perform magic for you when you see it all the time?” Kyungsoo puts the deck of cards away and moves away from the low coffee table to lean back against their living room couch. Chanyeol just crawls over to Kyungsoo’s side and snuggles close to him.

“I don’t know. It’s just cool how it appears to be magic,” Chanyeol shrugs, grinning.

“The whole entire deck is just filled with two of hearts cards,” Kyungsoo deadpans, but smiles into Chanyeol’s curly hair nonetheless.

“Shh, you’re ruining the coolness of it,” Chanyeol whispers, closing his eyes. Kyungsoo just snorts.

for: noonaverse
prompt: freaky friday au; kyungsoo and kris wake up in the wrong country and in each other's bodies

For Kris, waking up in someone else's body in a whole different country turns out to be a lot easier than anyone would've thought. Perhaps it's because of his extreme lack of emotion for anything and everything and his useful knowledge in most of the main Asian languages. So when he wakes up in an unknown bedroom which he later finds out is in the middle of Seoul rather than Guangdong, he doesn't really freak out. Not really.

"Kyungsoo, wake up and make me breakfast, I'm fucking hungry," someone says, and Kris blinks open his eyes. He understands what the person is saying, but in his half awake state, he barely realizes that it's not Chinese so he begins to mumble in Mandarin about not being able to cook in the first place and who is Kyungsoo?

The person hovering above him is slim and tan skinned with short black hair and pouty lips.


"My name is Kris," Kris grumbles in Korean, and suddenly he's sitting up and observing his surroundings. It's not his bedroom and there is a random kid sitting on his bed looking at him weirdly. "Holy shit. What happened to my voice?" Kris leaps out of bed and jumps in front of the mirror before promptly screaming like a girl.


Kyungsoo's side of the story is probably a lot less civilized because the moment he wakes up, he knows something is wrong. His bed is too soft and his pillow is too fluffy and he thinks maybe he got drunk the night before and ended up in someone else's home? But when he reaches up to rub his eyes, his hands are far too large to be his own.

"What the fu- WHAT THE FUCK WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A DEMON," Kyungsoo screeches, kicking off his black satin sheets which most definitely aren't his because who even uses black satin sheets? His legs are too long and his feet are enormous and the bangs that fall into his eyes are blonde instead of black and it all just feels weird. "Oh my god, oh my god, what is happening," Kyungsoo whispers frantically, touching himself everywhere in an attempt to find something that's Kyungsoo's and not this tall, blonde man's. He fails to do so.

He crawls out of bed, slowly, arms and legs shaking and finally stands on his feet. He towers over everything and the feeling is so weird that he has to bend his knees and wobble over to a mirror. Even his scream is unnaturally low when he sees his own (or not his own but this body's) face.

"Kris ge, ghsldkg lskhdglkdjf hglskdf glkjf," someone says softly from the doorway and Kyungsoo turns and jumps, knocking into the mirror in surprise.

"I... what? Who are you?" The boy's face twists into confusion but continues warily in a language Kyungsoo can actually understand."

"Hyung... what are you saying?"

"Oh thank god you can speak Korean, this isn't me, this, this body isn't mine, I'm Kyungsoo, Do Kyungsoo, where am I? Am I still in Seoul? THIS ISN'T ME, HELP ME GOD DAMN IT, WHY AM I SO FUCKING TALL?" Kyungsoo screams, running over the young man and shaking his shoulders frantically. But of course, since this isn't Kyungsoo's body or life, he doesn't know that young Zi Tao, the one he's currently shaking crazily, is a martial artist and Kyungsoo gets himself thrown to the floor.

for: willowish | trinketries
prompt: kyungsoo is a substitute teacher.

Kyungsoo, or Ms. Do as everyone knows her as, is East High School's greatest substitute teacher. Many people, especially students, wonder why she's a substitute teacher when she could just go ahead and plant herself into the school as a permanent calculus teacher. She's smart, beautiful, funny, and just about everything you'd look for in a teacher, friend, and even lover (as many students and teachers alike have daydreamed). If you ever asked her, she'd probably say something like "I don't like being settled down in one place for too long" which is not a lie. However, the truth is that she knows how much everyone wants her. She knows she has thick, brown waves of hair that flow a few inches past her shoulder and smooth, milky skin that stretches across the planes of her voluptuous body. She knows she has large brown eyes and long curved lashes. She also knows she has three inch stilettos clicking confidently along the tiled hallways of the school that alert every person to turn their head her way to add to that. So she figures she should and could share that with as many people as possible without giving too much away. Just enough to keep them tingling with want. So she sits in the teachers' lounge and laughs at history teacher Kim Joonmyun's ridiculous jokes and waits until one of the teachers gets sick or has an off day before she pounces on the kids.

The class is buzzing with excitement and anxiety when Mr. Kim doesn't show up on Friday.

"Guys, guys," Kim Jongin, a lazy bum of a senior taps on a few kids' shoulders. "Do you think Ms. Do will be here today?" Jongin asks, overly eager and eyes painfully bright. His cheeks are flushed a tint of red as he bites his lower lip and leans back in his chair. Then Ms. Do walks in. Jongin smirks.

"Hello everyone," Ms. Do greets the class cheerfully with a wiggle of her slim fingers. The entire class screams their greeting because Ms. Do is wearing a white collared, sleeveless top and a navy blue pencil skirt with heels that most of the girls would fight over. "I'm sorry to say that Mr. Kim is not feeling very well today. He's got food poisoning so he'll most probably be out the next few days," she says with a small pout, but the gaze she sets on Jongin is one that burns right through his skin and sets his insides on fire. His lips twitch. The class screams again at the news. "Mr. Kim has left you with these packets to work on for the next few days so don't forget to bring them tomorrow." Ms. Do passes out the centimeter thick packets of paper down each column of desks before smiling and returning to the teacher's desk. "Or else you will be punished."


"Kim Jongin." Jongin peers up the substitute. "Where is your packet?" Ms. Do asks quietly, and the entire classroom stills.

"I left it at home." Ms. Do laughs lightly before walking over to the classroom door.

"If you'd so kindly follow me to the teachers' lounge. I have other plans for you." Her smirk is lazy and barely there as she tilts her head a little in challenge. Jongin grins as he stands but no one catches it.

"Of course."

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randomly pops by to say AGH THE HOYA + TAO I NEED A CONTINUATION OR STH. I could seriously read more and more of this au, wah, so interesting. I was instantly pulled in.

also, sobbing because someone else requested chansoo.

also also kyungsoo being freaked out by kris's body's height, tbh I would react the same way. the air must be so thin up there. "why do I sound like a demon?" flkdjslfkjsf. poor, poor kyungsoo.


chansoo ; 3; <3

i'd feel so awkward in kris's body seriously. it's be all tall and awkward and ugh lol. BUT I'D BE GOOD LOOKING SO IT'S ALL GOOD LOL

omg this was so cute~ BELOVED MS. DO YES OF COURSE.

oh hey there kaisoo, lol.

thank you for writing for me again! :)



and no you, thank you for the prompt ; u ; <3

goodness i am actually wiping away tears from laughing at the kris-d.o. one. and also the dog that embraces the cat. thanks for posting these!

/passes you tissues ; 3;

thank you, love, i'm glad you liked~

thank you for reading and commenting!

"wobbling to the mirror" "why do i sound like a demon" "why am i so tall" "who uses black satin sheets anyway" SOBBING ;~;


tbh those would be my exact reactions. assuming kreaseface uses black satin sheets LOL

thanks for reading and commenting bb

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i only read the kyungsoo-involved parts and everything's so lkjaslkjdkljsfha;ad'/;[

/gives you a bucket of love

my fave is kris vs kyungsoo, though XDDDD brilliant ending~

that's completely ok because kyungsoo is love <3


haha i'm glad you liked it! thank you so much for reading and commenting~

kris and kyungsoo switching body. YOU. DO. NOT. JUST. LEAVE. IT. LIKE. THAT. sequeeeellllll. or a longer version.

and yes. i'm shamelessly demand a continuation from you and you don't know me at all and rn i'm being annoying.

and i love love love chansoo part.


LOL you know i was actually thinking of continuing a few of these o u o i'll take it into consideration c;

anyone who reads my fic has a right to ask me for something~ so you're not being annoying at all <3

thank you for reading and commenting! i'm glad you liked~

"I hate purple"
"Get out"

That cracked me up!!

These are all really cute and sweet XD

I loved the ChanSoo and Tao/Hoya one

Also the Roommate, rofl

haha i'm glad i was able to make you laugh o u o <3 i'm also very glad that you liked these!

thank you for reading and commenting! c:

Holy shit! The Kyungsoo and Kris one! LOL!!!
Laughed so hard while reading it!
Loved the Tao/Hoya one as well! U should continue it!

haha thank you! i'm glad you got a laugh out of it! i don't know about any continuations but we'll see c;

thank you for reading and commenting!

Edited at 2012-07-28 02:09 pm (UTC)

"What the fu- WHAT THE FUCK WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A DEMON," "Kris ge, ghsldkg lskhdglkdjf hglskdf glkjf,"


I cracked up almost at the entire post and my favorites are the Kris/D.O and Hoya/Tao (how do us call this couple anyway lol) one. And Kaisoo; omfg Ms. Do. Can I just lub yoh forever fgdghklfdsfdghkl.

Ah I know you don't know me and I know this is super creepy but I beg you for the continuation. Omg.

Still spazzing rn I can't even.

; 3; /wipes your tears <3 i'm really happy you liked them so much!

and yes you can love me forever /snuggles your love

i take requests and prompts whenever from whoever but only if i believe i can do them. i don't know if i can write a continuation of any of these but i suppose i can always give it a go and see how it works out. but i'm on a semi hiatus right now so i don't know if i can get anything in anytime soon.

thank you so much for reading and commenting c:

these drabbles are ahsashdfhsafhsdf ; u ;

chansoo is so cute awwww :3



jk i wont strangle but pls with the sake of kyungsoo dumbness write some sequel???


sorry for any incoherent and here my kokoro for you (((with chocolate chips of course)))

; 3; thank you dear

chansoo are always aww worthy huhu


i remember starting the sequel not long after i wrote these drabbles. i went back to look at what i did and ughhhhhh noooooooOOOooOOo

noooo all your incoherency and your kokoro are much appreciated (with the chocolate chips o u o) thank you so much!

hi is that stiles?

hoya is having a difficult time in his 'quest' for a roommate XD XD that's so funny and so realistic at the same time

why yes c;

haha yes~ thank you for reading and commenting!

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