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tao/panda: xiong mao ai // pg
vixx; taekwoon
leakages wrote in puckered_lips
Title: xiong mao ai
Pairing: tao/panda (with a twist?)
Rating: pg
Summary: pandas can love too.

a/n: omg idek anymore. taemin_knees showed me this gif and this happened. it's really short, yeah. i tried not to sound stupid but i don't think i did very well with that . n . (was going to be sobsthefeels's birthday fic but i have other ideas for that.)


Zi Tao thinks he hears the panda say yes when it nods.

"Good, let's cuddle then," Zi Tao beams, pushing the two twin sized beds in the room together to form a larger mattress. He crawls onto the joint beds and pats the spot next to him.

Okay, the panda seems to say. It gets onto the bed and waits for Zi Tao's next move. The boy grins and slowly lies down, straightening out his body and limbs. The panda slowly follows suit, lying on its side, back facing Zi Tao's chest. Their movements are languid and slightly hesitant on the panda's part. Zi Tao doesn't seem to mind though. He is patient and tries his best to match the panda's pace.

They simply lay next to each other for ten minutes with about ten centimeters between them. Zi Tao reaches a hand up between them to pet at the white fur of the panda's back.

Okay. Okay, the panda communicates, nodding almost unnoticeably. Zi Tao reaches his arm over and around the panda, simply resting his arm not he soft white fur of the panda's middle section. Something swirls in the pit of Zi Tao’s stomach and he thinks he sees the world before him churn and swirl as well. The room bends slight back and forth before settling down and Zi Tao shuts his eyes to keep from getting dizzy.

"This is nice, right?" Zi Tao whispers. The room is silent aside from his voice and the quiet rhythmic ticking of the clock. It reads 22:22. The panda moves, does something like a shrug and Zi Tao giggles softly before burying his face into the black fur in front of him. So soft.

"Your name…" Zi Tao mumbles almost drunkenly, pulling back to stare at the back of the panda's head. "Your name is Baozi."

Okay. My name is Baozi.

"Baozi ah~" Zi Tao sings, snuggling closer and tightening his hold on the panda. Baozi tenses but relaxes just as quickly, burrowing back into Zi Tao's slim torso. They are silent again and Zi Tao waits until their breathing matches the same rhythm and then begins to count their heart beats. He reaches 427 when the panda shifts.



You love me most, right? The panda turns slightly in Zi Tao’s arms and attempts to glance over its shoulder at Zi Tao’s face. The boy laughs and rests his cheek against the panda again.

“More than anything,” Zi Tao says determinedly, followed by a shuddering sigh. The panda nods slowly, as if taking its time to absorb this piece of information even though it’s really nothing new for either of them. Zi Tao cannot remember all the times he’s told Baozi this but he knows he has. He can feel it and almost vaguely remember it. It feels like he is on a heavy dose of cold medicine and he can’t really remember what’s going on and who he’s with and how they met. Everything that’s happening simply is and there’s no other direction to go. He is stuck in this frame of time and to be quite honest, he doesn’t really mind. He enjoys the present as it is and wants it to last. Zi Tao blinks suddenly at a thought and tilts his head in wonder. How come he’s only just given the panda a name?

Opting to ignore this small voice in his head, Zi Tao simply sighs in content and shifts even closer if that’s possible. He wants them to be touching from head to toe. He wants them to be as close as possible. He wants them to be one.


“Yeah?” Zi Tao mumbles into the black fur. The panda rumbles with laughter and the vibrations seep right into him, wash over his body like a wave of warm water. It has him tingling and squirming with affection.

Go sleep. Zi Tao glances over at the clock. 22:22. His mind reels for a short moment before it is cut off and it’s like something blocks his thought process. He almost forgets what the clock reads and something heavy but soft drapes over him like a blanket. He turns his head to see what it is but there is nothing on him. Any thought he’d had previously simply fades away from his mind. He taps the panda’s shoulder and the panda turns to face him. He grabs Baozi’s head and gently kisses it upon the forehead before grinning.


“Mmm… Baozi?” Zi Tao mumbles sleepily, voice hoarse from hours of sleep. He opens his eyes only to see black. He scrunches his nose and feels the soft blackness tickle his nose and cheekbones.

“Hm?” The body in front of him vibrates with the drowsy voice and Zi Tao jumps, jerking away in shock. Minseok rolls over and groans. “Taozi, it’s cold,” he whines, curling up into a ball. Everything suddenly hits Zi Tao in the face and his heartbeat slows significantly. Then he laughs and laughs and Minseok stares at him weirdly, hair sticking in all directions but Zi Tao just keeps laughing. He’s still chortling when he sinks back into the bed and pulls Minseok closer by the waist. He relishes in the heat that radiates from Minseok’s body and permeates his own. He shudders but it has nothing to do with the cold.

“You’re so warm…” Zi Tao mouths into the back of Minseok’s neck, and the latter giggles, arching away from the ticklish feeling.

“Then why did you suddenly pull away?” The elder asks curiously with a yawn. His eyes are fluttering shut again already. The clock reads 5:13 in bright, red digits. Zi Tao feels laughter begin to bubble up within him again and he grins into his bandmate’s silky hair.

“I had the strangest dream…”


p.s.: jesus what is this.
p.p.s.: burying myself into another long fic after this. i feel one coming. no promises though.

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i truly hope that if taemin_knees sees this and comments that she doesn't use her stupid default dp to make me pee my pants because that shit is scary as fuck ok.


this was so adorable and gah~ /dying from cuteness overload

; 3; thank youuuu <3 xiutao and tao/panda are just cute on their own ok <3

; ~ ;

so qt. I CAN'T ;A;


/flops next to you <3

thank you so much!~

lol You did it.
Was Tao on crack or something though I mean...
TaoMin or whatever this pairing is called is really cute. When Tao was talking about how they like to cuddle I was just like AWWWWW
Also, how do you manage to make crack(ish) still so good and nice to read?
I'm so glad you did this though omg. /loves forever

i did!

thank you o u o

omg no B| he was dreaming ok dun judge him

THIS WAS NOT CRACK THO OTL i'm not funny enough for that shit

haha thank you so much, i'm glad you liked this!

I am judging him so hard rn.
IT'S PRETTY DAMN CLOSE TO CRACK OK CUDDLING WITH PANDAS. lol And you say you're not funny when I'm always giggling at your personal posts LIAR.
It was lovely~ A+

stop judging him or he will roundhouse kick you with his sexy legs lolol


aww i'm glad you find my posts amusing? i'm mostly just talking to myself orz

shanks bb~

it's 22:22 taozi you're supposed to make a wish
lsdkjaflwhrgautgjklaglajelitgualjslgkaegjaLWf i fucking love pairings with minseok omg even though tao is delusional and thinks he's cuddling a panda
a panda...would be an amazing bed mate...
or actually no their fur isn't really that soft???????????
i wish pandas had fur like rabbits. THEN i would totally cuddle with one.
but then it might -----------------------------
never mind

in any case, flipping tables because this is the perfect mixture of weird and cute and I LOVE WEIRD OK
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

word bro

dude if pandas had fur like rabbits... ; uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;

/puts the tables back bcuz im gud gull

omg good because i thought this was kind of weird and i was like what the fuck am i doooing. so i'm very happy that you liked this ; 3;

That. Was. Adorable!!!
Lol!!! It was really cute~~~~
and then that little twist in the end with XiuTao! <3
Yea, Tao must of had one strange dream!!!

haha it was strange indeed~ thank you! :D



dhkjnghf this was so adorable. my face was a mixture of o.O and :3 the whole time, then fully :3 when tao woke up from his dream, lol. not enough people appreciate tao/xiumin. (which i do not understand because didn't he say he liked tao's ass? or something along the lines of that?)

haha i can imagine why you had those looks on your face. it was pretty weird.


thanks for reading and commenting! this zitao's version of wet dreams? OTL

best title ever btw.


thank you dear~ c:

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