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[fem!] kai/d.o: i bring the boys out // pg-13 // part one
vixx; taekwoon
leakages wrote in puckered_lips
Title: i bring the boys out
Pairing: kai/d.o
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 13,341w
Summary: But it seems the teachers failed to teach her how to tell genders apart (which is ironic since Kyungsoo knows to stray away from the penises) which then led her to lose what could’ve been the greatest catch of her life thus far. (in which kaisoo and practically half- or maybe even more- of exo are girls LOL)

a/n: ugh this is for my waifu4laifu taemin_knees for being a buttface and spitting this ridiculous prompt at me and then dealing with my constant whining LOL thanks bb ilu ; 3; this is legit the longest oneshot i've ever finished and this makes me very happy. i was surprised i made it past five thousand words since i'm so used to writing really short fic.


Kyungsoo feels the heat of the stare before she sees it. Turning away from the chocolate syrup dispenser with a frappuccino in hand, she catches the boy on the other side of the counter lifting his eyes, which had originally been situated on the curve of Kyungsoo's ass, to meet hers. With a small roll of her eyes, she caps the tall cup and slides it onto the countertop with a straw.

"That'll be three fifty," Kyungsoo says softly, fingers tapping away at the cash register. The boy has the bills ready and slides them across the countertop toward her in a similar manner to how Kyungsoo had with the frappuccino just moments before. She is about to reach for the money when she spots the neatly written numbers on one of the crisp, new bills. Her fingers hesitate for a moment before she reaches forward and picks up the money. Kyungsoo looks up. The boy is smiling shyly at her and she tries not to gag. Smiling apologetically, she gently places the money into the cash register and slides it shut. The boy pouts a little with those thick lips of his and Kyungsoo wants to feel bad but it's not her fault she digs chicks. So she feels a little bad but it only lasts a second before the boy is gone and she's taking down an order of one green tea latte from a cute girl with dimples that are simply to die for. The boy is forgotten and so is the phone number on the one dollar bill.

"Kyungsoo!" Kyungsoo turns at the sound of her name and her boss, Joonmyun, is calling her over with a small hand motion. She wipes her hands on her apron and fixes her ponytail as she bounces over.

"Yup?" She asks as she tightens the band around her hair before smoothing it out. Joonmyun's eyes flicker up at the movement and then back down at Kyungsoo's face again.

"This is Jongdae. She's the newest member of the family so teach her well~" Joonmyun says with his usual bright smile. Kyungsoo nods obediently and turns toward Jongdae with a smile and a wave. The girl flashes a grin in return and then they're friends.

Teaching Jongdae the ways of the hot water machine and the caramel dispenser that always jams is easier than she expects and the rest of her shift flies by rather quickly. Kyungsoo is taking her last customer when she opens the cash register and sees the bubbly numbers staring up at her from the one dollar section. She frowns. How does this guy have neater handwriting than her? That is just unfair, she thinks as she closes the cash register again.

"Hey Jongdae, I'm gonna go now, you think you can handle it?" Kyungsoo calls over her shoulder. Jongdae hollers her affirmative and Kyungsoo says goodbye to the customer in front of her. "Okay well if you need help, Joonmyun will help you." She waves then pushes open the small employees only door.

"Bye Joonmyun," Kyungsoo waves with her slim fingers and Joonmyun looks up from his newspaper with a smile. She wonders what she'll be making for dinner as she walks towards the exit.

Whoever calls her has impeccable timing because her phone rings just as she pushes open the door, bells jingling with her phone.

I lost my mind- Kyungsoo pushes the answer button and holds it up to her ear, wedging it in between her head and her shoulder as she rummages through her bag for her wallet. She wonders idly if she has enough change for the bus.

"Hello?" She says into the phone distractedly while searching through the Gucci wallet for quarters. Zi Tao had insisted that she buy a Gucci wallet because it is a necessity.

The bells to the door jingle again and someone walks out behind Kyungsoo. She moves aside for the person to pass and recognizes the boy from earlier in his tight little blazer and short white pants. She blinks. He must've been in there the whole time working on something because it's been three hours since he bought the frappuccino and he's holding a small laptop case. The boy doesn't seem to notice her and runs a hand through his short black hair.

"Kyungsoo~ Remember your cousin's friend's sister? That cute one with the really pretty hands?" Kyungsoo's mother's voice comes through the phone and Kyungsoo blinks again. How could she forget such beautiful hands?

"Yeah, I remember," Kyungsoo replies, pulling out one last quarter with a triumphant grin. The boy seems to recognize her voice and turns quickly, surprised. His skin is tan under the sunlight. Kyungsoo looks away.

"Well, she's getting married, you see, and you were invited but I forgot to tell you… They sent the invitation to our house instead of your apartment. The wedding is this Saturday." Kyungsoo nearly chokes on her spit while simultaneously dropping the quarters. She closes her fist in time to save herself from running around trying to pick up coins off the street.

"Saturday? That's tomorrow, mom!"

"I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you!" She sounds sincerely apologetic so Kyungsoo lets it go with a sigh. "Oh and I told them you'd sing a few songs for them so you kind of have to go." The last part comes rushed and muffled and Kyungsoo's eyebrow twitches. She sighs again. “Your father and I can’t make it though, but I already told them that. You’ll have to go alone.

"Okay I'll just… okay I'll figure it out. Where is the wedding going to be?" Kyungsoo asks, walking over to the bus stop. She looks over her shoulder and the boy is gone. She pulls out her little agenda and jots down the address of the church and then the address to a really famous catering hall she once heard of but has never been to. It's apparently really expensive and Baekhyun seems to have found herself some rich ass fucker to marry if she's able to afford a room at a catering hall like EXO. All the celebrities and generally important people usually have important, super high end parties there.

"Okay, I'll be there, bye mom." Kyungsoo hangs up with a sigh and climbs onto the bus. After she finds a seat, she pulls the hair band from her hair and shakes the waves loose. It feels so much better not to have her hair wound up into a bunch at the top of her head and she exhales slowly, sinking into the uncomfortable seat. Kyungsoo nearly falls asleep and misses her stop but the bus hits a large bump that sends her jolting out of her seat and wiping discreetly at the corner of her lips. She quickly gets off the bus and watches as it rolls away. That could've been a lovely nap.

"Kyungsoo, can you get the phone," is the first thing Kyungsoo hears when she opens the door to her shared apartment. Then comes the annoyingly shrill ring of the telephone and she groans.

"What are you doing that is so important that you can't just get up and get it yourself?" Kyungsoo walks over to the phone and picks it up.

"Bedazzling a blazer with these cute little… things!" Zi Tao retorts from his little work station in the living room. It's usually a giant mess of fabric and half finished pieces lying around the area. Kyungsoo doesn't even want to imagine what it looks like right now.

"It's your scary boyfriend!" Kyungsoo calls from the kitchen, not even bothering to cover the phone with her hand.

"I heard that," Kris's voice crackles deeply from the other line. Kyungsoo shrugs as though the other could see and walks to the doorway, chucking the phone at Zi Tao's head. She misses fantastically and it goes over his shoulder, landing on the jacket in front of him. He all but screeches at her for ruining his masterpiece before picking up the phone with a dramatic sigh.


Kyungsoo rolls her eyes fondly and starts on dinner. Kimchi spaghetti, a recipe she'd come up with years ago when those were the only ingredients she had in the kitchen and Zi Tao had himself sprawled dramatically across the kitchen counter claiming death from starvation. It had turned out exceedingly well and thus, it became a frequent dinner.

"What are you making?" Zi Tao asks from the living room a while later. He must be off the phone already. Record time, Kyungsoo thinks as she pictures all of their paste phone bills and shivers.

"Kimchi spaghetti," she yells back from the kitchen, and the noise of delight Zi Tao makes has her smiling.

"Good! You owe me for ruining the moment. I was completely in the zone before!"

"You can blame your boyfriend!"

Kyungsoo walks into the living room where Zi Tao is hunched over his desk furiously attaching strange looking hexagons to a black jacket. She peeks over his shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of his self-proclaimed masterpiece but he shifts to cover it whenever she moves to look.

"It's time to eat," she says when she finally gives up. Zi Tao nods from where he is but doesn't stop working. "Okay then I guess I'll just give your plate to Minseok since she's so conveniently just across the hall-"

"Coming~" The other finally stands up and stretches, torso towering over Kyungsoo's petite self. She pushes him aside at that moment when he's most vulnerable and finally sees the jacket. Zi Tao splutters from where he lands on the floor and scrambles back to his feet. Kyungsoo is still stronger than she looks.

"No! You can't see my masterpiece until it is done!" He grabs for the jacket but it's already swept away into Kyungsoo's arms and she holds it at arm's length, giving it a once over.

"Seriously Tao, how are you even a guy? No one would ever think that you made this. This is the gayest-"

"Oh shut up, I'm sorry I wasn't born into a curvy body with that freak of an organ you call a vagina," he snaps, but he's sporting a pout nonetheless and Kyungsoo laughs, placing the jacket back onto the desk.

"C'mon, let's eat."

Dinner is relatively quiet on Kyungsoo's part. She talks about the boy and his lame attempt at retrieving her number; she talks about Jongdae, the new cutie that works alongside her now; she talks about that one customer that slipped and threw his entire tray into some other guy's face and the whole thing had ended in a bloody mess with lots of cursing and apologies. Other than that, her day had been boring, she explains with a shrug, digging away at her spaghetti. Zi Tao looks less than impressed by her account of the day and proceeds to jump into a continuation of the previous night's gossip.

"-and then the girl was like 'shit, I'm so sorry, here let me get that cleaned for you. We can exchange numbers and I'll pay for the dry cleaning.' Or something like that, I'm not positive because I was paying for the food but I'm pretty sure that's what she said and then Kris called me and was like 'Hey, can you hurry up please so we can get out of here? I need to go back to the apartment and change shirts before the meeting.' and I'm like 'Why? I like the shirt you're wearing, it makes you look extra sexy-" Kyungsoo drones out the annoying chatter from Zi Tao's end but feels a strange sense of déjà vu as he recites his story, nodding randomly to make it look like she's paying attention but really she's just staring at the multiple piercings lining Zi Tao's ear and wondering what it'd be like to have her own ears pierced all along the cartilage and-

"-that girl totally had it coming though, I mean really, Kris is gorgeous. He could only ever be with someone as gorgeous as me, am I right? Am I right?" His tone is only half joking and Kyungsoo stares at him with large, judging eyes.

"Tao, I think you're spending too much time with your scary boyfriend. You're almost as vain as him," Kyungsoo notes while reaching into the grape bowl to grab a bunch. Zi Tao pouts.

"But no one could ever be as beautiful or vain as Kris ge."

"I did say almost."

The rest of the night is uneventful and Kyungsoo makes sure not to tell her roommate of the wedding she has to attend tomorrow. She needs a dress but surely she doesn't have to resort to informing Zi Tao, right?

Wrong. Kyungsoo spends an hour digging through her closet for a decent dress but finds nothing but casual wear. There is a bunch of skirts but none of her blouses match with the skirts to make anything formal enough.

"There is no way I'm telling Tao," she mutters to herself while eyeing her closet.

"Telling Tao what?" Zi Tao pops his head into Kyungsoo's bedroom as he passes by and simply smiles when she jumps, eyes wide. "Goodness, what is this mess, Kyungsoo? I'd expect this least from you," Zi Tao sucks his teeth and walks in. He pokes through some of the clothing piled on Kyungsoo's bed and makes a face.

"You really have no taste," Zi Tao says bluntly. Kyungsoo glares at him. "However you are lucky because you are one of the few that can look good in practically anything.” He picks up a particularly distasteful pair of pants and lets it fall from his fingers to the floor. "But I see you've taken full advantage of that asset." That one earns him a smack to the head and he feigns defeat.

"Okay so what are you doing anyway?" Zi Tao asks, changing the subject for the sake of his hair. Kris had taught him to fix it up a certain way that makes him look extra handsome.

"I'm looking for a formal dress because I have to go to a wedding tomorrow but I guess I left all of those when I moved out," Kyungsoo sighs, twirling a finger into a scarf while running her other hand through her locks.

"A wedding! And you didn't tell me?" Zi Tao looks half hurt and half excited because he knows he'll have to do with the creation of her dress in the near future. Very near future. A future practically right outside of her bedroom.

"Well, I-"

"Hush, I'm going to use my magic to conjure up a fabulous dress that you will wear tomorrow."


"No buts!" He pauses. "Actually, yes butts! You have a butt that most girls would kill for, I hope you realize that. Show it off!" Zi Tao picks up the ugly pair of pants from earlier. "And step one to that is burning these." He throws them over his shoulder and struts out of the room, Kyungsoo in tow. She has a feeling he's really going to burn them.

"Wait, how are you going to make me a dress by tomorrow?" Kyungsoo worries her bottom lip as Zi Tao throws the pants onto the work station, cracking his neck a few times.

"Don't worry, just stand there and be good while I take your measurements."

Kyungsoo stands there awkwardly while Zi Tao copies down her measurements. She's still a little self conscious about her body even though she knows she's healthy and strong. She just feels extremely inferior to some of her friends such as Lu Han, who looks like she jumped out of an anime with her big, sparkly eyes, perfect skin, and curvy body. Kyungsoo does acknowledge her own curves but her eyes, though big, lean more towards the creepy side and less toward the cute, unlike Lu Han. She’s also shorter than she’d like to be and her skin is pale and boring in the light.

“Okay, pick a color.”

“Huh?” Kyungsoo snaps out of her thoughts on Lu Han’s perfect body and looks up at Zi Tao.

“Color of your dress? Any preferences?”

“Are you really going to finish this by tomorrow?” Kyungsoo eyes him skeptically but he simply waves her off.

“Color, Kyungsoo.”

“Um… peach-ish, nude-ish? Or very light pink.”

“I’m going to make you the perfect dress, Kyungsoo, the perfect dress.”

Kyungsoo watches for the first hour and a half as Zi Tao runs around in circles carrying ridiculous rolls of fabric he has stacked up in his closet. She helps him pick the right color for the base color of the dress and simply lets him do the rest. She knows he won’t fail her. Or at least she hopes. He works diligently at the station, marking the fabric and then cutting it where necessary as Kyungsoo sits on the couch and supervises. She really has no clue what the hell he’s doing with that white chalk looking thing and asks him why he’s dirtying the fabric. He simply laughs in her face.

It’s after twelve when Kyungsoo nods off and ends up falling asleep on the couch. She lightly touches consciousness a few times during the night, stirred into it by the rhythmic noise from the sewing machine but is just as easily lulled back into sleep by the same sound. She wants to stay up to watch the development of the dress but can’t seem to stay awake long enough so she simply lets herself sink into the couch.

“Kyungsoo… Kyungsoo-yah~ Kyungsoo… bbuing bbuing~” Kyungsoo groans as she flips herself onto her stomach on the couch, hiding her face from the sunlight streaming in through the window blinds.

“Not now, Tao,” she croaks.

“But your dress-“ Kyungsoo shoots up at that, and Zi Tao laughs, partially because she’s so excited, and partially because she looks like she’s reenacting a scene from The Little Mermaid.

“You finished?” Zi Tao nods and walks over to his work station. He grabs the mannequin that had been standing by his desk and rolls it over to the couch.

“Ta da!”

“You finished!” Kyungsoo hops off the couch and skips over to the mannequin. The dress is simple and innocent and Kyungsoo can’t help but be completely attracted to it. It’s the light pinkish peach that she had asked for with a cream colored layer of floral lace covering the entire dress, giving it that girlish cutesy feel that Kyungsoo likes but can never seem to achieve with any of her every day wear. A thin sash goes around the waist and is tied off in a bow.

“How is it?” Zi Tao asks, propping his head up on the mannequin’s shoulder. Kyungsoo nods excitedly.

“It’s beautiful! I love it! Thank you so much,” Kyungsoo pulls her roommate into a hug and reaches out to touch the dress.

“I knew you’d love it. Now be quiet, I need some god damn sleep,” Zi Tao flips his bangs out of his eyes and huffs, walking toward his bedroom.

“Sorry!” Kyungsoo gives him a weak smile as the other passes. He simply waves and disappears into his room. She turns back to the dress and grins.

“Kyungsoo!” Baekhyun’s voice is bright as she greets Kyungsoo, who can’t help but look down at the delicate fingers reaching for her. She smiles politely and takes her hand to shake it but the bride pulls her into a hug instead.

“Oh- um, hi, uh, congratulations!” Kyungsoo coughs awkwardly, hands automatically going up to fiddle with her side ponytail. She’d washed her hair thoroughly and gone through it with conditioner in the morning so that it would be silky smooth and shiny. She pats at her bangs out of habit. Baekhyun’s smile is enormous but the sky scraper of a man standing next to her has an even bigger smile stretched across his face.

“Thank you! And thank you for coming! I’m so glad you could make it. If you couldn’t, I wouldn’t have the wonderful live entertainment tonight that I promised everyone,” Baekhyun giggles and lightly hits Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “Oh, this is Chanyeol, the groom of course, if you didn’t already realize.” Kyungsoo watches silently as Baekhyun turns to look up at Chanyeol and make a cute face. She then continues to gag silently to herself when the two start brushing noses lovingly.

“Um, it’s nice meeting you,” Kyungsoo directs toward Chanyeol after a moment, reaching out to shake his head. It takes another moment for the couple to detach themselves from each other. Chanyeol’s grin is slightly creepy and his right eye twitches as he takes Kyungsoo’s hand. She tries not to stare and forces a smile instead, heading off in another direction so the two could further bond.

Suddenly, a familiar face has Kyungsoo ducking behind a large flower vase.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she mutters repeatedly under her breath as she looks around for a place to properly hide.

“Sehun-ah~” Baekhyun’s voice comes from somewhere on the other side of the vase and Kyungsoo peeks out to see Baekhyun and Sehun hug. “I’d like you to meet my friend. I think you’ll like her a lot,” Baekhyun goes on to say and then they disappear around the corner. Kyungsoo lets out a breath she doesn’t realize she’d been holding and walks out from behind the flowers.

Sehun and Kyungsoo had dated for a short while. It was fantastic at first. Sehun looks like an innocent girl with sleepy eyes and slender hips but really, she ravages like a monster in bed. Kyungsoo had had more fun that she’d like to admit while dating Sehun. It was like a never ending roller coaster ride of crazy, hot sex that Kyungsoo still doesn’t understand how Sehun had (and probably still has) the energy for.

Things started spiraling downward when Sehun brought someone else into the equation on one of their little experimental “adventures” as Sehun would like to call them, and ended up ditching Kyungsoo’s ass. Kyungsoo found that even though the sex was the only thing she had to remember Sehun by, she still cared about her to a certain extent. More in a motherly way than anything else but the thought is still there. Sehun still seems the same though, going around picking up girls, having her fun and leaving them for someone new. Sehun has a habit of coming back after a while though. She’ll get bored of the new and crave what she’s had before. She’d shown up in Kyungsoo’s bedroom half naked on more than one occasion. Kyungsoo had to beat Zi Tao in the head repeatedly with a spatula for letting her ex-girlfriend in again.

Well whoever Sehun is going to meet now will probably experience what Kyungsoo had to go through and she simultaneously prays for and congratulates whoever it who has the bad luck and pleasure of meeting Sehun.

Smoothing out her pretty dress, Kyungsoo fixes her hair, pats at her bangs, and walks out of the church, heels clicking lightly on the shiny floors.

“You’re going to wear the same dress?” Minseok asks from Kyungsoo’s couch. She’s munching on a bunch of chips and lying on her side in Lu Han’s lap. Kyungsoo shrugs as she walks into the living room with a couple of beers.

“Drinking before the party?” Lu Han raises an eyebrow but picks up a can anyway, other hand playing with Minseok’s hair, occasionally tickling the latter’s neck. Minseok giggles and swats at her hand.

“Saw Sehun at the church today,” Kyungsoo says simply, and both her friends grimace at the same time. Lu Han nods with understanding.

“Ew,” Minseok comments, picking up a can and opening it. She tries to drink it while she’s sideways but beer ends up dribbling out over her chin and cheek and onto Lu Han’s thighs.

“Baby, what are you doing,” Lu Han asks blankly, lifting back Minseok’s hair to see what’s going on in her lap.

“Sorry, spilled some,” she smiles up at her girlfriend sheepishly while wiping at the spilled beer and all is forgiven. Kyungsoo watches the scene play before her forlornly and sighs. She really fucking wants a girlfriend. A pretty little girlfriend she can pamper and cuddle with. She lets out a sigh that reveals everything she’s thinking because her friends look at her pitifully and nod with knowing frowns.

“Anyway,” Kyungsoo looks away from the couple and takes a small sip from her can, “I have to sing tonight. For Baekhyun and Chanyeol. At EXO. Can you believe they got a room there?” Lu Han’s eyebrows disappear behind her bangs.


“I heard that place is super expensive. Either Chanyeol is dirty rich or has connections,” Minseok shrugs, licking the salt from the potato chips off her fingers. Kyungsoo tilts her head in thought.

“I don’t think Chanyeol’s all that rich. He doesn’t look like the type to be able to achieve anything spectacular, no offense to him. He just looks too ditzy and weird,” Kyungsoo frowns. “Probably connections.”

“Wait,” Minseok sits up suddenly and two heads turn toward her. “Park Chanyeol?” She asks, eyes wide.

“Yes…?” Kyungsoo draws out the word, actually quite unsure herself of the groom’s full name. Kim Chanyeol? Lee Chanyeol? Choi Chanyeol? Nope, definitely Park Chanyeol.

The Park Chanyeol?” Minseok asks, just to be sure. Lu Han shoves impatiently at her shoulder and Kyungsoo rolls her eyes.

“Yes, Park Chanyeol, why?” She’s kind of extremely curious now.

“Does he have curly hair and a really pretty face but a semi creepy smile?” The round faced girl asks, practically standing off the couch now. Lu Han just looks really confused and excited all at once. Kyungsoo’s eyes widen with recognition and she nods.

“Yes! That’s him!”

“He designed like half of the new buildings in this city. He’s a ridiculously talented architect that is not only smart and efficient but gorgeous and now extremely wealthy. He was picked as this city’s number one bachelor. I cannot believe you don’t know him!” Minseok leaps off of the couch to smack at Kyungsoo who squawks and rolls away.

“I’m sorry! I don’t like guys, you know that! It’s not my fault if I don’t care to remember every good looking guy’s face,” Kyungsoo pouts, feeling slightly put off. The elder ignores her completely and bounces back into Lu Han’s arms.

“How was seeing him up close in person? Does his skin glow like everyone says? I hear his skin is flawless. Oh my god, were his ears as cute as they look in pictures? His eyes are so pretty oh my god, they’re prettier than mine-“ Minseok babbles on while Kyungsoo simply sits there wondering how Baekhyun managed to nail a rich bastard like Chanyeol and Lu Han complains that her eyes are just as pretty if not prettier than Chanyeol’s. Lu Han and Minseok eventually end up in a staring contest that is entirely out of context but who cares, Kyungsoo sighs, flopping onto her back on the floor. She needs a girlfriend.

“Let me do your makeup,” Zi Tao whines when he gets back from class, and Lu Han and Minseok push him away from the bathroom.

“You’re a fashion major, not a make up artist,” Lu Han snaps, pushing feebly at Zi Tao’s body.

“Why are you even trying, you guys, have you forgotten that I am trained in wu shu and can pick you up and throw you out?” Zi Tao says, standing still as a rock as Minseok and Lu Han both push uselessly at his chest.

“Then why haven’t you?”

“Because I am nice. Now just let me in! I won’t screw it up, I swear! I even made her that pretty dress, how could I possibly ruin her make up?” He pleads with a pout. Kyungsoo rolls her eyes from where she’s sitting on the toilet seat and tugs at Lu Han’s skirt.

“Just let him in. It’s useless fighting. Plus, the party is in two hours. I need to be there early,” Kyungsoo reasons with them. Zi Tao walks in beaming.

Minseok works at Kyungsoo’s hair while Zi Tao and Lu Han split the makeup job down the middle of her face. It comes out looking surprisingly even and symmetrical much to Kyungsoo’s surprise, who had expected both halves of her face to look as different as a black and white cookie. She blinks in front of the mirror and is glad to find her mascara covered lashes don’t bother her. They’d been curled so that’s probably why they aren’t stabbing mercilessly at her eyeballs. Her hair is wavier and voluminous, shiny and brown under the bathroom light. She reaches up to touch the waves.

Kyungsoo’s skin is naturally very pale so the light glow on her cheeks brings more life to her face. She tests out a smile in front of the mirror, her lips lightly shimmering and pink. Not surprisingly, Zi Tao is the first to start praising her good looks and she shoots him a look. He shuts up.

“You look so pretty,” Lu Han coos, smoothing down Kyungsoo’s soft hair which earns her a smack to the hand.

“Don’t ruin her hair, I made it all pretty,” Minseok pouts, and Lu Han chuckles, leaning in to peck the other apologetically. Kyungsoo gets up and sighs.

“Okay, okay, I have to go now,” Kyungsoo smooths out any wrinkles in her dress, swatting away Zi Tao’s attempt to do so as well and tucks her hair behind one ear. “Thank you so much, guys. I wish you could come.”

“We could,” Zi Tao shrugs. “I could just show up as some friend’s brother’s cousin’s nephew and crash the party.” He looks genuinely excited so Kyungsoo shoots down the option immediately. She cannot afford to ruin the wedding of a super rich architect.

As she slips on her shoes, she straightens the strap of her purse and waves.

“Alright, I’m off. There’s kimchi spaghetti in the kitchen. There’s enough for all of you so you two can stay with Zi Tao- oh make sure he doesn’t destroy the-“

“Just go, Kyungsoo. We got this,” Lu Han smiles that smile of hers and thinks how lucky Minseok is and then how lucky Lu Han is and then leaves before she can think about how lucky Zi Tao is to have Kris and vice versa. Because then it would eventually lead to how incredibly unlucky Kyungsoo is to have landed a roommate like Zi Tao who make messes and just steps over them and nearly burns down the entire apartment trying to cook for Kyungsoo at least once a month right after grocery day because he claims all of the groceries inspire him.

Few people are slowly trickling into the catering halls when Kyungsoo arrives. She’s taking little sips of water and walking around preparing her voice as she eyes the people standing down below at the entrance of the building waiting for Chanyeol and Baekhyun with cameras. The newly weds came in and will probably go out another way though, Kyungsoo thinks, stepping away from the squeaky clean, full length windows.

“Kyungsoo!” Baekhyun’s honey like voice flutters over to Kyungsoo’s ears and she turns to see the bride in a beautiful dress.

“Baekhyun… wow, you look absolutely beautiful,” Kyungsoo says, almost breathlessly, and she’s not even exaggerating. The dress is breathtaking but not nearly as much as the smile Baekhyun adorns.

“Aww, thank you! You look wonderful yourself!” Kyungsoo smiles shyly and pats at her bangs. “Are you ready for later? I told the DJ you’d be up after most of the dancing is through with,” Baekhyun explains, and the big eyed girl nods.

“Yes, thanks. It’s an honor for me to be able to sing at your wedding, considering I’m not anyone famous or anything-“

“Oh please,” Baekhyun cuts her off with a perfectly manicured hand, “Kyungsoo, your voice is gold. People don’t necessarily have heavenly voices just because they have big names.” Baekhyun smiles fondly and Kyungsoo feels herself relax. She doesn’t know why she’s not closer with Baekhyun. She’s a sweetheart and has a fabulous voice herself, one she brings out in really classy lounges that Kyungsoo could never walk into without feeling like a really ugly bum. That’s probably how she met Chanyeol.

“Thanks, Baekhyun. I’ll do my best for you two~” Feeling refreshed, she waves as Baekhyun goes off to greet newly arriving guests with her new husband.

The party starts off smoothly. The newly weds talk and joke and the guests laugh accordingly. People make their way over to the open bar and order themselves drinks as if in preparation to lose themselves in the party. Food starts being served and people eat. The DJ screams something or another that Kyungsoo doesn’t pay attention to or hears despite the really loud speakers and people flood the dance floor. She smiles when people she barely recognizes greet her and laughs nervously when they recall past memories of when she was a child, to which she wonders how the hell they know. She makes a mental note to scold her mother. It’s not important that she ran out naked on her sixth birthday party and fell face first into her cake. It’s not really that cute either.

Finally alone at her table now that everyone is dancing, Kyungsoo sits back in her chair and searches the crowd. Maybe she’ll find someone that she actually cares to talk to. After a few minutes, Kyungsoo is ready to give up and turns away but turns back when she spots a girl in a red dress she recognizes as a bridesmaid dress. The dress is short and simple and billows back and forth with each movement. The short-haired girl has her back turned to Kyungsoo, which turns out to be convenient for her since she has a lovely view of that behind. The girl is dancing rather confidently and has a right to, her movements fluid, easy, and almost professional. She has a nice turn out, curvy in all the right places, muscles toned but not cut. Her skin is tan all over, almost like she’d been lying naked at the beach some time recently and Kyungsoo’s tongue darts out automatically to wet her lips. The girl is tall too, all long legs and arms but not lanky in the least. She has a gorgeous body is all Kyungsoo can think as she stares. She finds herself getting up out of her chair and making her way over to the dance floor, picking up a random glass from the table and downing its contents for confidence before putting it back down, eyes never leaving the girl.

“Okay. Okay I got this,” Kyungsoo exhales and awkwardly jumps onto the dance floor. She’s sucked into the mob immediately, into the deafening music, the heart thumping bass, and the sweaty, moving bodies. She flails around at first, feeling herself get shoved around before she finally breaks into a small opening. She bumps into a person and turns to apologize but sees a tan shoulder and short black hair. Shit.

The girl turns in surprise and whatever Kyungsoo had been expecting, it hadn’t been this. The girl looks just as shocked as Kyungsoo feels and they both freeze up. Except it’s not a girl, it’s the boy that hit on Kyungsoo the day before. Except as a girl. It takes a moment but suddenly everything clicks and Kyungsoo feels like a moron and an asshole and Jesus, this girl is gorgeous and smiling slightly cockily at her, resuming her dancing. Swallowing, she smiles awkwardly and moves to the beat as well. The boy- girl weaves herself around Kyungsoo slowly and surely and she can feel the determination and purpose that oozes out of the girl’s body as she dances right up against Kyungsoo’s side. Okay. Okay I don’t got this.

Of course she’s a girl, Kyungsoo cries inside with an even later realization. The chest behind the blazer was hidden well at the coffee shop but now that she thinks back on it, it still jut out slightly. The girl’s hair had not been styled when Kyungsoo was at work but now the short, black hair is parted on one side and slicked back behind her right ear, revealing long, dangly earrings. Her hair on the other side is left to fall free. She is kind of adorable and likes to bite her lip a lot, Kyungsoo sees as she finally dances along with the stranger’s movements.

They are silent in the loud music but once the tempo slows down and the speakers stop looking like they’ll explode, the girl faces her directly and smiles. It is almost shy and Kyungsoo wonders where the confidence went. However, the confidence doesn’t seem to have ever left because she places a light hand on Kyungsoo’s shoulder and leans in.

“Do you have a separate social and work life policy or something? Because that’s the only explanation I could come up with after you danced like that,” her voice is rich and luring and Kyungsoo’s eyes widen with each word.

“You’re a girl,” Kyungsoo blurts out and the girl reels back, confused. “I thought you were a boy!” Kyungsoo mentally throws herself into a pile of Legos. The girl’s face contorts into something like hurt, embarrassment, and discomfort all rolled into one. Her face is as red as her dress, half from exertion, and half from embarrassment.

“Wow,” is all she says before she turns and pushes through the crowd to escape. She disrupts a couple that had been dancing inappropriately but doesn’t seem to care. Kyungsoo just stands there, arm outstretched and mouth open. She wants to scream her name and call her back to apologize but she doesn’t know the girl’s name. In fact, she doesn’t know anything about her. She thought she knew her gender but it seems she didn’t even know that much. Feeling embarrassed and slightly ashamed, Kyungsoo trudges back to her table where she sits alone.

“I’m an idiot,” she groans, burying her face into her hands. She’s a girl. That would explain the bubbly handwriting.

Kyungsoo looks up when everyone walks off the dance floor and she sees the girl surrounded by a bunch of other bridesmaids standing there with a single microphone. She perks up.

“Hi everyone, Baekhyun, Chanyeol,” the girl says softly into the microphone. Someone screams something about speaking louder and the girl laughs shyly. “I’m Kai, the maid of honor and Baekhyun’s best friend, in case you guys didn’t know,” she continues. Kyungsoo chokes on the champagne she’d been drinking and sets it down to pound at her chest. The person next to her pats her back helpfully.

The maid of honor. Oh right, Kyungsoo remembers now. She’d been sitting somewhere in the back of the church with a newspaper hiding her face (and therefore her vision) as she sat through the whole ceremony with her head ducked, standing and laughing and clapping and crying when necessary. Sehun was two rows ahead of her. Whoever had been standing up front was non existent to Kyungsoo besides the bride and the groom. She grimaces at this realization of self stupidity.

Kai. Her name is Kai. Kai is really pretty. Like really pretty. Kai likes- or liked, at this point, Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo thinks Kai is really pretty. Like really pretty. She’s pulled out of her thoughts though when Kai looks down at the card in her hand and then up at the tables laid out before her, slightly squinting. Kyungsoo hadn’t listened to anything Kai had said; too busy wallowing in self pity. The sudden silence was what brought her out of it.

“Now we’ll have… Do Kyungsoo sing a few songs for the bride and groom. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, come up for a dance please. Everyone, feel free to join whenever you wish.”

Hearing Kai say her name while not knowing that Kyungsoo is, well, Kyungsoo, makes her nervous as she rises from her table, applause urging her forward. Kai’s jaw drops when Kyungsoo steps onto the small stage. She accepts another microphone from the DJ and shoots him a weak smile. He nods at her and gives her a reassuring smile in return. She knows these songs. They are well known and easy to remember. She won’t forget the lyrics halfway but that’s not what she’s afraid of. She’s afraid to meet Kai’s eyes and see something other than adoration.

“Hello everyone,” Kyungsoo waves and gets a few waves in return. She laughs softly and it relaxes her. She might not do this for a living but the stage is still her home. She relaxes her grip on the microphone and smiles.

“Is everyone having a good time tonight?” She speaks with a little more confidence and gets a better response. “More importantly, are the bride and groom having fun tonight?” Chanyeol hollers in response but gets smacked in the arm by Baekhyun who veers in Kyungsoo’s direction and sends her a deadly glare. Kyungsoo blinks a few times, surprised and confused by the sudden hostility Baekhyun is showing her but shakes it off.

“Here’s a song you all probably know. Now let’s have the bride and groom on the dance floor.”

Kyungsoo turns to signal the DJ and he nods, raising the volume. Soft piano notes come through the speaker, soothing Kyungsoo into a more fitting mood. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and opens her mouth. When she opens her eyes, she’s singing and staring directly at Kai. Instead of freezing up like she thought she would, she holds that unreadable gaze and sings with everything she has. She thanks the heavens that there is a music break in the song because suddenly, Sehun slides into the seat next to Kai and turns to face her. Kai doesn’t acknowledge her. Kyungsoo can’t resist the smile that stretches across her face even as Kai frowns at her because Kai elbows Sehun away. The fair skinned girl pouts and leans in closer, whispering something into Kai’s ear. Whatever it is, it’s probably revoltingly sweet. Kyungsoo’s guess is correct because Kai makes a face and pulls away, saying something in response before getting up out of her chair and walking toward the dance floor. She taps someone’s shoulder along the way and they make their way to the floor. Kyungsoo tries not to scowl as she watches the man’s hands slide over Kai’s hips. Well then.

Kyungsoo watches Kai throughout all the songs as if trying to telepathically communicate her apologies to her. And also to tell her that she thinks she’s kind of really adorable, especially when she’s pouting. Kyungsoo watches as Kai whispers to Baekhyun occasionally as they dance past each other, quiet hisses of anger from Kai and little faces from Baekhyun. It’d have been amusing to Kyungsoo had they not glared daggers at her simultaneously like five times. Wonder who they’re talking about.

The applause that Kyungsoo gets from everyone else is nothing to her when all she gets from Kai is a long, hard stare. She bounds down the steps of the stage and through the mob of dancing people. The music is loud and upbeat again and someone is drunkenly stripping in the middle of the dance floor. When she bursts out of the crowd, Kai is nowhere to be found, leaving Kyungsoo’s heart beating hard, fast, and all alone.

part two


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