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leakages wrote in puckered_lips


► here is my masterlist of poop.

► no, no i do not own any of the groups unfortunately or any of the gorgeous men i write about, though it'd be really lovely if i did.

► please don't take my fic, thank you.

► fic are in chronological order within each fandom.


lu han/sehun: aimless lullaby // pg-13
wc: 1,180
summary: his voice is gentle and light as it vibrates gently against sehun's ears. (basically plotless fluff)

kai/d.o: drag me up and let me down // nc-17
wc: 1,684
summary: blowing jongin is kyungsoo's favorite pastime.

suho/lu han: post-it love // pg-13
wc: 478
summary: it was never just for the fans.

kai/d.o: i bring the boys out // pg-13 // fem!slash
wc: 13,341
summary: but it seems the teachers failed to teach her how to tell genders apart (which is ironic since Kyungsoo knows to stray away from the penises) which then led her to lose what could’ve been the greatest catch of her life thus far.

tao/xiumin: xiong mao ai // pg
wc: 968
summary: pandas can love too.

baekhyun/chanyeol: make me out of clay // pg
wc: 1,201
summary: baekhyun isn't the light that blinds him with his beauty. however, he is the man that twists at his heart with his mere existence.

kris/lu han, xiumin/lu han: would the rules change up or would they still apply // nc-17
wc: 4,528
summary: after the initial pain dissipates, all that's left in its place is the burning want for vengeance.


fic game: au summer (exo, infinite) part one, part two


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