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poops c:Collapse )

kris/lu han, xiumin/lu han: would the rules change up or would they still apply // nc-17
vixx; taekwoon
Title: would the rules change up or would they still apply
Pairing: kris/lu han, xiumin/lu han
Rating: nc-17
Summary: after the initial pain dissipates, all that's left in its place is the burning want for vengeance.

a/n: title from the song like a boy by ciara. the story itself is also based off it. this is what i get for listening to it hundreds of times in a row :| also i changed their ages so from oldest to youngest it's kris, lu han, and then minseok.

He still has everything Kris has ever given him. Lu Han doesn't like owing people though. He'll make sure that he returns everything to its rightful owner.Collapse )

baekhyun/chanyeol: make me out of clay // pg
exo; baekhyun
Title: make me out of clay
Pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol
Rating: pg
Summary: baekhyun isn't the light that blinds him with his beauty. however, he is the man that twists at his heart with his mere existence.

a/n: for sobsthefeels because i promised her other fics that i already know i have no hope in finishing orz

Baekhyun isn't looking for anything. Chanyeol just likes to pretend that it's because there's nothing that Baekhyun needs to look for that isn't already right in front of him.Collapse )

fic game: au summer [part two]
vixx; taekwoon

if you would like to see what this whole thing is all about take a look over here.

part one of the prompts here.


sosukes: baekhyun has a farm and his neighbor jongin's goats won't stop invading his pasture.Collapse )

willowish: kai/sehun: they work at an amusement park.Collapse )

yeollove: lu han starts reading a magical comic book and gets sucked into its world.Collapse )

fic game: au summer [part one]
vixx; taekwoon

if you would like to see what this whole thing is all about take a look over here.


willowish: woohyun/sunggyu | they're both actors on a tv show.Collapse )

friendleader: howon's never ending search for a roommate!Collapse )

sosukes: lu han and xiumin pack up for a summer road trip. where do they go?Collapse )

noonanoodle: hoya and tao wake up in an alternate version of seoul filled with monsters and the only way out is to fight.Collapse )

yeollove: kyungsoo/chanyeol | kyungsoo is a magician and chanyeol is easily impressed.Collapse )

noonaverse: freaky friday au; kyungsoo and kris wake up in the wrong country in each other's bodies.Collapse )

willowish: kyungsoo is a substitute teacher.Collapse )

tao/panda: xiong mao ai // pg
vixx; taekwoon
Title: xiong mao ai
Pairing: tao/panda (with a twist?)
Rating: pg
Summary: pandas can love too.

a/n: omg idek anymore. taemin_knees showed me this gif and this happened. it's really short, yeah. i tried not to sound stupid but i don't think i did very well with that . n . (was going to be sobsthefeels's birthday fic but i have other ideas for that.)

Okay. My name is Baozi.Collapse )

[fem!] kai/d.o: i bring the boys out // pg-13 // part two
vixx; taekwoon
part twoCollapse )

[fem!] kai/d.o: i bring the boys out // pg-13 // part one
vixx; taekwoon
Title: i bring the boys out
Pairing: kai/d.o
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 13,341w
Summary: But it seems the teachers failed to teach her how to tell genders apart (which is ironic since Kyungsoo knows to stray away from the penises) which then led her to lose what could’ve been the greatest catch of her life thus far. (in which kaisoo and practically half- or maybe even more- of exo are girls LOL)

a/n: ugh this is for my waifu4laifu taemin_knees for being a buttface and spitting this ridiculous prompt at me and then dealing with my constant whining LOL thanks bb ilu ; 3; this is legit the longest oneshot i've ever finished and this makes me very happy. i was surprised i made it past five thousand words since i'm so used to writing really short fic.

When she bursts out of the crowd, Kai is nowhere to be found, leaving Kyungsoo’s heart beating hard, fast, and all alone.Collapse )

suho/lu han: post-it love // pg-13
vixx; taekwoon
Title: post-it love
Pairing: suho/lu han
Rating: pg
Summary: it was never just for the fans.

a/n: wrote this drabble a while back because leadernim has so many suhan feels and they kind of trickled into me and then i wrote this on my phone. i never posted it because it was on my phone and i was too lazy to type it up and yeah orz it's not much anyway. if i had more drabbles written i'd just dump them all together but since i don't, here goes.

He'd even written it all down on post-it notesCollapse )

kai/d.o: drag me up and let me down // nc-17
exo; kyungsoo
Title: drag me up and let me down
Pairing: kai/d.o
Rating: nc-17 (what in the world-)
Summary: there is no summary .__. plotless porn is plotless.

a/n: how did this happen. it started off as a drabble. i didn't even intend for it to be this rated. why. i can't write porn omg.

Blowing Jongin is Kyungsoo's favorite pastime.Collapse )


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